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Water front property anyone…


Just on the north side of the Attila Line that partitions the island of Cyprus, the ghost city of Varosha (a suburb of Famagusta) is surrounded with barbed wire.

In 1974 the Turkish military invaded and carved up the island. Greek Cypriots in the north were forced to move south side of the line. Turkish Cypriots from the south were forced to move north. Greek Cypriot citizens in Varosha fled the Turkish invasion in terror. They expected to return to their homes within days. Instead, the Turks seized the empty city and wrapped it in fencing and wire. They forbid anyone from entering it to this day.

Supposedly, according to Lonely Planet, there is a car dealership somewhere in the city that still has 1974 models in the showroom.

Get the full story here:

Dubai’s circular shaped hotel



“Surrounded by the sea, marina and natural beach, Dubai Promenade offers panoramic views, idyllic walkways, scenic vistas and carefully considered architecture to create a distinctly different environment.

Rejuvenate and relax with access to the finest luxurious amenities from the iconic circular shaped hotel to fine dining or pampering spa treatments within walking distance from your private residences.”

Times Square subway mosaic art

New York Subway Mosaic art

Sure New York subways are sometimes hot and smelly, usually riddled with tag and hidden under layers of grime but they also house some wonderfull works of art.I am not sure how long this one has been around but it is spectacular.

More NY subway mosaics here;

Some other subway mosaics;

Neon graveyards

┬áIf you in the Las Vegas area and have a fetish for big old neon sigs like I do, check this place out…

Propaganda Poster Art


Propaganda posters are awesome!


Propaganda Poster Art Center in Shanghai is on my to do list.

Images courtesy of some dude on flickr

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