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Times Square subway mosaic art

New York Subway Mosaic art

Sure New York subways are sometimes hot and smelly, usually riddled with tag and hidden under layers of grime but they also house some wonderfull works of art.I am not sure how long this one has been around but it is spectacular.

More NY subway mosaics here;

Some other subway mosaics;

Neon graveyards

 If you in the Las Vegas area and have a fetish for big old neon sigs like I do, check this place out…



Kris Kuksi is into Fantastic Realism

Kris Kuksi is into Fantastic Realism… It’s offical, i am now a fantastic realism fan! The intricate detail is some if these works is just amazing. Inspiring art!

Kris Kuksi Fantastic Realism art

visit: www.kuksi.com

Vintage – we love vintage

 ipod dock

Ipod dock… ok, there are heaps of them around but this one at least looks like is was lovingly handcrafted not bashed out of a dirty factory. www.thodio.nl/english/products/ibox
[link via www.retrothing.com ]

creative lighting

freedom of creation lights

The freedom of creation lights are something to behold… if one can afford to behold such creations.


Art house


I am a sucker for wall art and Guilherme marconi work is amazing


Shinybinary – ohh so shiny!


Shinybinary is the the online genius of Nik Ainley.


Art for advertising by Adhemas Batista


Adhemas Batista work speakes for itself.


The evolution of speakers


Evolve Speaker wireless speakers set-up for your ipod. [via http://www.notcot.com]

Are you Generic?

resist its good for you

Rage against the machine and don’t be a slave says these guys…tees at ‘Are you Generic?’


Apparently couscous IS tasty…


Mathew Star Thomas aka the Couscous Kid has some tasty art goin on! The middle name says it all.


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