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Tattoo portraits

Wonderful tattoo portraits of shawn barber

Wonderful tattoo portraits of shawn barber

WHO KNEW!?!… paper could be so amazing

 coloured paper art jen stark

well? did you know coloured paper could look so damn good?

I wonder how it ages.

Jen Stark website

Super fold-up person mover

MIT designed green electrically powered scooter

This new concept bike/scooter/trolley looks like a fun way to get one’s self around and away from the desk for a while. Hello, its also earth friendly you say…

“It’s energy efficient, it’s clean, compact and simple, and, above all, it’s very cool.

All of these factors could be significant in getting people to adopt a lightweight, electrically powered scooter designed by William J. Mitchell, the Alexander W. Dreyfoos Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences, and several of his students in MIT’s Smart Cities Group, in collaboration with SYM, a major scooter manufacturer in Taiwan, and ITRI, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute. A prototype of the new design was a hit at the Milan Auto Show, where it was unveiled earlier this month.”

More from the horse’s mouth

Propaganda Poster Art


Propaganda posters are awesome!


Propaganda Poster Art Center in Shanghai is on my to do list.

Images courtesy of some dude on flickr

Classic Posters

Classic design and art posters
JC Leyendecker
Joyce Ballentyne

Collected and collated by liefpeng

Fun stuff is ‘madre in spain’

 designer lights and art madre in spain

Spain has its creative eye on YOU!


You are beautiful!

 Matteo thun & partners

If they are half as comfortabley as they are beautiful they would be a real treat! Apparently fully recyclable too.

Matteo thun & partners

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